What a busy and exciting month it’s been! Our book-sharing programme continues to go well, and another new initiative is yoga sessions, helping the children feel calmer and more focused.

As usual, we have been developing activities that respond to the children’s interests while addressing their learning needs. They’ve included:

  • A letter writing station set with stamps and envelopes, which turned into a Post Office with money and tills and then gained a greengrocer—great for encouraging mark-making, number recognition, mathematical language and imaginative play.
  • Metallic paint stampers to create starburst pictures.
  • A potion-making station with ladles, spoons, colour-matching containers and changing ingredients, including coloured water, grains and pom-poms.
  • New costumes and accessories for role-play.

The children have also been searching for magnetic letters in coloured rice with magnets, modelling with fruit-scented, glittery cloud-dough, and weaving tales around the small-world fairytale castle and pirate ship. They marked Diwali by creating their own colourful diyas (traditional lamp holders used for the festival).

Meanwhile, things have got Christmassy! The children decorated our Christmas wreath with fabrics, ribbons, fir cones and bells, and the Christmas tree too, bringing some creations from home. Our themed books have included ‘Dear Santa’ by Rod Campbell, and outside, hula hoops with bells on have provided the children with a challenge: can they wiggle through jingle-free? Even the mud-kitchen has become festive, with Christmassy scents and seasonal touches.

On 7th December, we welcomed families and carers to Preschool to enjoy Christmas crafts, a sing-along, a buffet lunch, and a visit from Santa. Everyone had a wonderful time! Our final Christmas event will be our visit to church on the 18th.

Although it’s still very much ongoing as we write, we want to thank everyone who has supported the Buckden Village Christmas Elf Trail so far. The window and garden displays have helped to raise funds for the Preschool and brightened up walks around the village. Last, but not least, we wish everyone a…

Happy New Year!

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