When they come into Preschool, children find their own names and put them on the self-registration board. Then it’s off to the carpet area for registration time. This includes the morning song, a reminder of the Preschool Promises, and a chat about the day of the week and any birthdays. Afterwards,  the children enjoy free play until group snack time.

Once they’ve refuelled with a healthy snack, which always includes plenty of fruit and/or vegetables, it’s free play again until morning carpet time. This carpet time session gives the children a chance to sit calmly before lunch and enjoy the Book of the Week and any other circle activities.

The children eat their packed lunches together, under the close supervision of staff. We encourage them to try their best to open packets before we step in to help, as this helps to develop both their independence and the motor skills and finger strength they need for good pencil control. Once children have finished their lunch, they take part in quieter activities or look at books until their friends are finished. After eating lunch, it’s free play once again until carpet time at the end of the day, sharing books and singing.

Our free play sessions are often replaced or enhanced with other activities. We visit the playground, which provides great exercise, and go to the Valley for nature walks. We also visit important places in the community such as the church, and go to the shop to choose food for our snack time. These walks are important as they increase the children’s understanding of the world around them and their sense of community. On Thursday, we often go to the library to enjoy Rhymetime.

We also welcome visitors such as the dentist to lead our sessions on oral health, and local primary school teachers to talk to the children about ‘big school’, helping to allay their concerns over the move.