We have an experienced staff and an enthusiastic committee.

Charlene Beachus-Wells
Manager, SENCo, Designated Person for Child Protection
Estelle Fraiman
Deputy Manager, Designated Person for Child Protection
Gemma Cox
Early Years Practitioner
Emily Reynolds
Preschool Assistant

“Staff make good use of regular group sessions to support children’s understanding of appropriate behaviour.”

“Staff use age-appropriate methods to support children to manage conflict independently.”

“Staff engage exceptionally well with children’s previous settings. They gather detailed information to enable children to settle swiftly. This supports children to continue making good progress in their learning and development.”

“Staff establish extremely close relationships with the local primary school. They work together to create unique transition plans to meet the specific needs of individual children.”

“Relationships between staff and parents are exceptionally strong. Staff engage well with families to gather detailed knowledge about children’s early experiences. They use this information to provide learning opportunities children may not otherwise receive.”

“Parents are incredibly complimentary about staff and the exceptional support they provide for the whole family. They acknowledge the immensely positive impact this has on children’s well-being.”

“Staff use highly effective methods to support children to identify risks in their play.”

“Staff place sharp focus on children’s communication and language development. They engage children in meaningful discussions during all activities, role modelling new and descriptive language.”

“The manager and staff work closely with early years professionals within the local primary school. They gather information about the relevant reading schemes and encourage children to discuss and explore the various characters they will learn about at school.”

Helen Lumb
Debra Beachus-Wells
Emma Scott
Nikki Stamford
Committee Member