As the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee fell in half-term, we got our celebrations underway early. The children decorated their crowns with ‘gems’ and sequins and helped staff make Preschool look festive, with bunting and flags. We painted Union Jacks on their hands too, so they could use this as a stamp when making their keepsake. They had the chance to watch and listen to the National Anthem being performed, and enjoyed cucumber sandwiches and milky tea at snack time! Outside, we challenged them to build a royal castle from Duplo bricks. Our book of the week leading up to half-term was ‘Fluffy and the Platinum Jubilee’ by Joshua, Joseph and James Grant’.

We also explored the theme of bees with the children, as it was National Bee Day on 20th May. The children already had a keen interest in small creatures and insects, so they enjoyed videos all about bees and how they make honey. They also had the chance to make their own bee from yellow and black playdough, and to try honey at snack time. A trip to the grounds of Buckden Towers gave them the chance to see real bee-hives from a distance.

We also have Father’s Day this month. We are talking about Dads and other special people in the children’s lives, and helping the children make something to give them.

With the term whizzing by, for our older children, the focus is very much on preparing for school. Mrs Woodward from Buckden Primary will be visiting to meet the children starting there in September. The planned date for their ‘graduation’ event is 14th July, and we know from experience this will be a lovely day that’s also tinged with sadness as we say goodbye to our leavers and their families.

It’s hard to believe we are once again approaching the end of another school year!

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