As promised, our home corner underwent a total transformation in February. It’s now equipped with armchairs, a dining table and chair set, a replica TV and a brand-new kitchen. The children were very excited! We also have a new, snug reading area.

In our smaller room, we’ve set up an ‘Outdoor Adventures’ board to record the children’s experiences when they’re out and about. This will soon fill up, as they have been going out on lots of walks armed with our new binoculars and a camera. They’ve also been active indoors during our dance sessions.

The children enjoyed the visitor from the oral health visitor, and our Book of the Week matched the theme: ‘Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’ by Jarvis, about an alligator with secret false teeth! We’ve also marked Pancake Day and St. David’s Day, with some delicious pancakes for snack and red playdoh, Welsh themed playdoh mats, and an interactive Welsh interest table that included daffodils.

We’ve also had a fun STEM activity connected to one of our Books of the Week, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We presented the children with animals that needed a bridge to help them cross a space, and a variety of materials they could use to build it. This encouraged problem-solving, language and teamwork skills.

The children have been painting with cotton buds (good for developing fine motor skills and a pincer grip) and exploring various textures in the dinosaur-themed tuff tray, including gloop, wood, soil and pasta. To reinforce counting and number recognition, they have been filling numbered cups with the correct number of lentils.

This month, we are preparing for Mother’s Day and Easter with themed activities and looking forward to our church visit. We’re also celebrating International Women’s Week, looking at the women important to us personally and those important to society. Thank you to Sally at the library for providing great books to support this.

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