November 2021 News

The children have been continuing to enjoy watching the work at the Valley and can’t wait to walk around when it’s completed. They’ve also been enjoying our outdoor art resources, sensory tray, and revamped mud kitchen. Pinecones, sheets, log slices, corks, sand and compost, plus utensils, crockery and scales, have encouraged them to explore textures, measuring and weighing.

To mark Bonfire Night, the children drew letters in a glitter tray using paintbrushes, and Fireman Fergus was our Book of the Week. Our home corner became a fire station with helmets, dress-up costumes, small world fire engines and a firehouse, while outside, the children extinguished a painted fire with squeezy spray bottles. These resources were a starting point for discussing fire safety and the role of the emergency services with the children.

At present, we’re focusing on Remembrance Day. We’ve been selling poppies on behalf of the British Legion and the children have been potato stamping card with red paint. The stamped card will be used to create poppies for our Preschool wreath, which will be laid at the war memorial. The children will also have the chance to watch a CBeebies video about Remembrance Day.

Looking forward, Christmas is coming! We hope the children will wear a festive jumper to Preschool for Christmas Jumper Day on December 13th, and we’re busy planning our Christmas Party on the 16th.

Acting Manager

We’re pleased to announce that Miss Jasmine has been appointed Acting Manager. The committee plan to appoint a permanent manager in the near future.

Committee Members Urgently Needed

The Committee urgently requires new members. As a committee-run charity pre-school, it’s compulsory for us to have a certain number of committee members, including a set number of parents—otherwise, we may have to close. If you have any time to spare, please get in touch. For more information, contact Debby or Jo

Thank You Nisa!

As 2021 draws to a close, we would like to say a big thank you to Nisa at Hunt’s End. They generously donate food for the children’s snack and hold a loose change collection pot for us too.

Finally, our staff, committee and children wish you all a wonderful winter holiday, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!




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