October 2021 News

What a busy October we’ve had so far! The children have settled well into the Preschool routine, learning our Preschool promises and showing us how creative they are.

They enjoyed learning all out about daddy long legs and other insects and made their own using play-doh. They also worked on their listening and attention skills, listening to classical music and playing the soundtracks music bingo game.  To improve their motor skills, we set up a threading activity using penne pasta, and a table with stacking blocks and shape sorters for the younger children.

Motor skills are crucial for writing, and to practise letter formation we supplied sand and shaving foam. They loved this, and we now have slates and chalks out alongside their name cards, and letters to collage with pasta shells, to ensure their mark-making experiences are varied.

We also created a sea life interest table which we changed over time, incorporating water and ice to create a sensory experience for the children. One of our featured books was ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children were given various materials and construction elements to see if they could build a stronger house than Miss Charlene and Miss Jasmine, encouraging descriptive and comparative language such as bigger, smaller, strong, weak.

However, the children spent much of early October outside, making the best of the mild weather. They’ve been on regular walks to see how work in the Valley was progressing and wave to the friendly workers. toured the village spotting scarecrows and visited the sheep at Buckden Towers. They visited St. Mary’s too, taking their food bank donations along with them. There, they met the Reverend David, plus Chris and Charlie the puppet, who talked to them about harvest.

With plenty of autumn and winter festivals coming up, the rest of the term is set to be busier still. We look forward to meeting more of you on our walks out and about, and hope everyone is staying safe and well.

To see what’s going on at Preschool each week, find our Facebook updates at https://www.facebook.com/www.buckdenpreschool.co.uk/.




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