August 2021 News

A new school year is just around the corner. We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, and we can’t wait to hear all about it when we get back to Preschool!

We’re looking forward to welcoming back our returning children and getting to know our new starters, along with their parents, carers and families. The first few weeks of any school year are always about getting to know new starters and getting reacquainted with our returnees too. It’s amazing how much children can change in a few weeks at this age, and they often seem to return to us much taller, with lots of new interests and skills to talk about. We have changed the layout in Preschool to freshen things up and make things more interesting for the children, and this always provokes discussions too, with the children asking where things have gone and why we’ve moved things! We hope they will love the new look.

One of our first activities will be giving the children the chance to do self-portraits using a range of materials. This is a great activity for getting them to think about similarities and differences. It also encourages them to learn and use comparative language (e.g., taller/shorter/longer), positional language (above, below, on top, etc.), and the correct terms for their facial features. This activity often inspires them to try to draw or model the staff, so we are preparing ourselves for that, and will try not to be offended by portraits of us with ten eyes!

We will be letting parents know about our Covid safety procedures before the new term starts. We are hoping the Covid risk will lessen soon, so we can once again welcome parents to become more involved with Preschool and enjoy fundraising events organised by our wonderful committee. Often, these events not only help raise funds for Preschool and charities, but can also give parents, carers and families great opportunities to socialise.

There are limited spaces available for the autumn term. Please call 01480 810600 or email us at to arrange a visit or apply for a place.

For committee enquiries, please contact our chairperson, Jo Chillmaid, at or on 07393650084. You can also see our Facebook updates at

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