Throughout February, the children have been busy using the medical sets to look after each other and the dolls. This is a great example of how children can learn through play, as this kind of role-playing as doctors and patients helps them to develop language skills. It encourages them to talk about parts of the body, emotions and sensations (sad, crying, hurt, feeling sick!) and positional and size language (e.g. “I’m wrapping a bandage around his head,” “She has a cut on her knee,” “That will need a big plaster!”). This roleplay will also lead neatly on to our emergency services theme which we will be starting next term, when we also hope to do some planting with the children to help them learn about nature, growth and change.

The children have been enjoying visits to the library for Rhyme Time on a Tuesday too and spending time outside (when there aren’t gale-force winds!).

In the last month, we have also welcomed another new staff member, Laura, who is level 3 qualified, and more new children to Preschool too. We hope they all enjoy their time with us! Miss Nicola is presently Acting Manager and can be contacted with any queries on the number below. Ofsted visited Preschool recently and delivered a very positive report on its progress under new management.

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