January News

Although Christmas is a way behind us now, we need to offer our belated but heartfelt thanks to Dave Reynolds for helping with our Christmas Grotto at the Light Festival. Without him, Santa wouldn’t have been there… ahem! Many thanks to him for once again making sure Santa was there to greet the children.

The New Year has brought in some changes at Preschool. We have said goodbye to Sam Sinclair and the Preschool is now under new management. We also have two new members of staff, Miss Tasha and Miss Federica, who are both Level 3 qualified and bring several years of experience to our setting. We hope they will be very happy with us and welcome them into our Preschool community. The New Year has brought new starters, too, and we hope they and their families will enjoy their time with us. We still have a few vacancies available for children this term and for those wanting to start in the Spring Term—do contact us on the number below if you would like to arrange a visit or if you have any queries.

Meanwhile, the children are experimenting with ways to get inside ice to free the trapped animals, learning science fundamentals and language such as hot, cold, melt, freeze and dissolve as they do so (alongside bang, smash, hard and soft!).  They’ve also been writing those all-important thank you letters to Santa, practising using a tripod grip and writing their names. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it will also be time for talking about feelings and some Valentine’s-inspired arts and crafts.

At present, the committee is gathering ideas to bring to their next fund-raising meeting, so keep your eyes peeled for more of our fundraising events once the details are finalised! They are already planning to hold another Pamper Night in spring, as the last two have proved very successful.

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