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"He has loved his time at the preschool. It's reassuring to know he's confident to start school."

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Coffee Morning

Monday 18 April 2016, 08:30am - 09:30am

Coffee Morning


Our termly coffee morning, to welcome you all back now the easter break is well and truly over.  No clauses, no catches, just free tea, coffee and cake, courtesy of the committee as a thank you for your support.


Please come in and say hello!  We'll have a rail showcasing our smart pre-school t-shirts, information on fundraising events and how you can support us over this term.  There will be members of the committee available to ask questions, or to pass on your comments or suggestions, and to serve you tea of course (don't be shy, you can also help yourself)!


And if you would rather not get involved, please just have a quick cuppa before you race home or to work or to whatever you're up to this morning.


Location : The Lincoln Room - opposite the entrance door to the Pre-School
Contact : Natalie Bartlett
FREE tea, coffee and cake!