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"He has enjoyed all the activities and has always been very keen to get to preschool."

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Literacy Sessions

In their final term before big school, our preschool leavers are enjoying special small group literacy sessions at the library.

The aim of the sessions is to focus on the literacy skills they will be developing at school, as well as encouraging their speaking and listening skills. Each session is planned so that it covers principles in the Early Years Foundation Stage Prime Area of Communication and Language and Specific Area of Literacy, as well as recommendations in the Every Child a Talker initiative. The sessions are also a good way to observe and promote the EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning.

During the sessions we look at:

  • How we read a book in English – from front to back, and from top left
  • Defining words and pictures, and understanding how they work together
  • Why and how we choose a book to read
  • The difference between fiction and non-fiction
  • Linking spoken language with written language (understanding that the words we say are written on the page, and that each word is separate; 1:1 recognition)
  • Understanding print and illustrations in the environment (warning signs, opening times
  • Recognising common book structures, and using these to help reading
  • Rhyming words
  • Syllable clapping and sounds
  • Initial sounds
  • Types of non-fiction: dictionaries, recipe books, atlases, diaries, information books etc
  • Finding information from books


First Steps to Reading  A quick guide to the different methods your child will use as they learn to read 
Week 2 Recognising the difference between words and pictures
Week 3 What is a story book and what is a fact book?
Week 4 Things to do on holiday to help with reading